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Markus Thorén
#1 Postad : den 1 augusti 2013 20:50:37(UTC)
Markus Thorén

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v Release 2013-09-04
Improved login function to redirect to requested url after login, instead of redirecting to startpage
Improved error handling on WineCellar item page, if item is not found.

v Release 2013-08-06
Added separate field for food pairings to add it to faceted search
Added support to remove item from winecollection.

v Release 2013-08-03
Added Instagram box to startpage for hashtag #macave in combination with #vin
Added function that prevents Add wine-page to not post page and save on enter on mobile devices.

v, releasedate 2013-08-01
Added facebook share function on individual WineCellarItem
Added facebook comments on individual WineCellarItem

Added startpage links to main functions
Updated logic in GetWine to select systemuser data entry first if available
Added javascript loading of size and price if available on add wine
Added support to display different ads depending on device

Bugfix loading Systembolaget into index.
Added Google+1 button

Added user cookie and permanent login
Added storing language on data
Added function to update profile settings

Added rating
Added Facebook login

Added new fields region, currency and supplierartno
Changed default currency to sek in solr

Added faceted search

Added Base Property Meta Keywords
Added new new template WineCellarPage
Change listing to be completely indexbased
Removed possibility to load other users wine by changing id on wine page

v 2013-06-14
Initial release

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